Adding to the ever growing network convergence trend, Vantage now offers the design and installation of loudspeaker paging and sound masking systems.

What is and why do companies need a loudspeaker paging and sound masking system? A loudspeaker paging system that is integrated into your network can quickly notify employees of daily workplace occurrences as well as provide easy accessibility to notify employees across a corporate campus of a potentially dangerous situation.

A sound masking system provides "low level background noise" to disguise intruding and annoying noises and conversations that are present in office complexes. Sound masking systems provide low level noise, that is comparable to the sound an air conditioning unit makes – a soft "whooshing" sound.

The importance of both systems is crucial to a company in notifying employees of important messages as well as providing a comfortable working environment that is conducive to productivity.

Vantage has the expertise and partnerships with the leading paging and sound masking manufacturers so our clients are assured their investments will live up to their expectations and provide a safe and noise free environment for their employees.
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