Since 2002, the National Electric Code (NEC) demands the removal of all abandoned cable in existing buildings. Vantage Communications offers expert identification, removal and tagging of abandoned cabling. The NEC codes clearly point out dangers from the fire and toxic nature of the legacy telecom cables. These cables need to be removed, not just worked around, for the safety of both tenants and emergency responders. This work should only be performed by a licensed and bonded cable abatement company like Vantage, as the threat of mis-identification of abandoned cable can affect yours and other customers communications wiring if not tagged correctly. Our experienced technicians will complete your abandoned cable removal on time at a very fair price.

"ABANDONED" refers to ANY cabling, from Riser closet to server room to end-user, which is no longer being used, wrong cable type (i.e. riser rated in plenum ceiling) or not tagged for future use. The definition of abandoned cable, as found in paragraphs 800.2 and 770.2 of the NEC 2002 book, states, "Installed communications cable that is not terminated at both ends at a connector or other equipment and not identified For Future Use with a tag".

For copper cable, paragraph 800.52(B) of the NEC code states, "The accessible portion of abandoned communications cables shall not be permitted to remain" Additionally, section 800.52(1) states that "abandoned cables in vertical runs shall not be permitted to remain". Article 770 states the same requirements for optical fiber risers and horizontal cables.

The codes are designed to ensure construction quality, safety of life, health and property. Why does abandoned cable present such a problem? The legacy cable creates headaches for IT and property managers, not only in terms of labor and disposal costs, but also from a network performance and safety standpoint. The accumulation of miles and miles of cabling left in the ceilings and walls of buildings has become a major concern for life safety over the past 10 years. Cables that are abandoned in ceilings, riser systems, and air handling systems are a source for fueling fire, smoke and sublethal toxic fumes that can incapacitate. In addition, PVC jackets tend to break down over time. This decomposition process is accelerated by exposure to increased temperatures and humidity.

The new fire safety provision to require the removal of abandoned cable is the first change to cabling requirements in the National electrical code in more than 20 years. focuses on how to properly remove the abandoned low-voltage telecommunications cable from commercial office building properties. We are fully insured, experienced and understand how to abate the targeted abandoned cable without damaging or disrupting service on the live cables (voice, data, alarm, etc.).

Contact Vantage Communications today to schedule a FREE site survey to discuss how to utilize our service to remove those abandoned cables!

Our service is targeted at commerical office building Property Managers, Tenants, General Contractors focused on commercial remodeling and commerical property Demolition Companies.
  • Cable Abatement / Abandoned Wire and Cable Removal
    1. On-site inventory and tagging of abandoned cable & equipment in Telecommunication Rooms, Risers, and Plenum areas.
    2. Inspection and inventory of existing telecommunications infrastructure.
    3. On-site assessment of telecommunications infrastructure.
    4. Removal of tagged cable, hardware, and equipment.
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